realgaran asked: Hi Lamppu, you are awesome :) *hugs*

I’m not, but thank you, darling.

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"You thought you could actually kill Lucifer? You simpering wad of insecurity and self-loathing? No. You’re just a human, Dean. And not much of one.”

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memokkeen asked: Tumblr is full of people I should be following but am not HELLO OLD FRIEND ♥


i had no idea you were in tumblr! 

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Send me a fetish and I’ll rate it


No | rather not | I dunno | I guess | Sure | Yes | FUCK yes | Oh god you don’t even know

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What fictional character(s) do I remind you of?



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deanvspanties asked: I BELIEVE YOU ARE ONE OF THE PEOPLE READING MY STORY SEEING IN BLACK (one of my friends recced me your art blog) I am just dropping in to say hi, I love you and thank you for your support! (I'msorryIsuckatupdates) I hope Jensen Ackles touches you one day.





But yeah, I’m one of your readers! Don’t worry, you update when you can. I understand that writing is hard, especially when life and stuff gets in the way. 

Haha, I hope to feel Jensen’s touch one day. Not in a perverted way, but, like a hug. Oh that’d be so amazing.


ARE YOU SERIOUS?? LOL I just realized I never properly commented. Your art is AWESOME and really it’s an honor to have you read my story :X I’m sure you’ve been recced a billion and a half times girl XD

And thank you for being understanding. Writing really is hard XD I mean I’ve written so much of SIB (about two chapters since my last update), but I’m at that point where I don’t know if I want the story to go this way or not….It’s very stressful because if I decide I hate it i’m going to have to rewrite BOTH of them and ughhhhhhh

AH THANK YOU your compliments make me giggle like crazy

oh, it’s an honor to have YOU looking at my art, love. and I believe this is the first time my art has gotten recced. …that i know of, haha. :D

I think I know how you feel, and I do hope that your other readers will understand the hiatus. I’ve written a story with about 30k words and I feel like I want to rewrite the whole thing, and i haven’t even finished it yet. .. 

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heavenly-apart replied to your photo “hey i was thinking about this font for my tattoo (I STILL HAVEN’T…”

So I haven’t been on in a while, and when I have been I had only time to see a handful of entries, so sorry for being late on a response! ;A; But I like the font. Would still ask about it apparently being thin, but I do like it. <3

hey, no worries, love! and i am definitely going to ask about the line being thin, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they say

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