i’ll be gone this weekend

i’m going to my dad’s to look after their dog while they’re away

so, see you on sunday

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Virtually every dog relishes a loving scratch behind the ears and some sweet, vocal praise. But dogs identified as pit bulls get a bad reputation and a lot less love.

Try not to cry as you read the full stories behind these heroic pit bulls here. 

Love that someone made this.

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please tell me this is a real thing that is happening

Yep it is. Thank god for that.

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i did it


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Destiel prompts because why the fuck not



Because the destielficprompts tumblr was deleted *sob*, I decided to post my unclaimed prompts to my own blog, so they’re not lost in cyber space and people can write them or whatever

1. Cas gets possessed by a demon and shit happens:

Cas gets possessed by a demon, and the demon sees everything that cas is and thinks, and when he sees that Cas is very fond of Dean, the demon decides to hurt Dean(physically, mentally or sexually or all three). Examples: Tortures him, says nasty things about him that cas would never say, rapes him (I do not support rape, btw, so don’t give me that look)

Dean does know that it’s not Cas, but everything that happens leaves him a nervous wreck around him. Whenever Cas looks at him, Dean looks away. Whenever he approaces Dean, Dean steps back. If he tries to touch Dean, Dean flinches. It makes Cas miserable, and he vows that he would never hurt Dean. They start to work their relationship back to normal, with baby steps.

2. Dean’s upset, Cas reads him a bed time story (I’m not kidding)

Dean is upset for some reason(up to the author), and spends days sulking in his room with the lights off. Castiel wants to make him feel better, but doesn’t know how. After some time Cas comes up with an idea. He goes to Dean’s room with a book in his hand, climbs to his bed(and ignores Dean’s ”fuck off”s and ”leave me alone”s).

Cas starts reading, and Dean feels silly and embarrassed that a grown ass man is reading to him, another grown ass man(maybe he’d hide his face under the covers?), but after a while he finds it endearing and starts to relax, and wiggles closer to Cas

Bonus if dean cries a little at the end (I LOVE CRYING!DEAN SO MUCH oh my god i could marry that kink (amongst many others))

3. Dean refers to having sex as ‘fucking’, and Cas doesn’t like it.

When they’re having sex, Dean urges him to fuck him, but cas says that he will not fuck him, but make love to him, which embarrasses Dean. Cas then explains that he deserves to be loved and nurtured. Sweet emotional sex ensues. 8)

(oh and maybe the reason cas doesn’t like the word ‘fucking’ when referred to sex, because he thinks that dean deserves more than a fuck. that doesn’t mean, however, that cas isn’t willing to be rough, but he just doesn’t like the word)

4. Cas goes to live a normal life, and Dean isn’t okay with it

Cas goes to live a normal life after he has lost his grace. Dean isn’t as okay with it as he seems. He keeps tabs on what Cas is doing or where he’s going, and seeing the former angel happy without him makes him depressed. ”he doesn’t need me” or ”i mean nothing to him” goes through his head, but when he sees cas on a date with someone, he’s absolutely crushed.

Dean starts drinking heavily, is aggressive because of that and doesn’t really take care of himself(shave, shower, eat etc) and Sam(and kevin if he’s there, up to the author) are worried about him, and kevin asks if dean’s condition has something to do with cas. Sam thinks about it and calls cas, and later cas appears at the bunker.

When Cas sees Dean, he’s shocked at what his friend had become. Dean is more than relieved to see Cas again, but he asks why he left them. Left him. Cas then explains that he didn’t want to leave, but he did so anyway because he thought Dean wanted him gone now that he was powerless. Dean gets pissed and tells Cas that he doesn’t care if he has his angelic powers or not, he needs Cas, not his powers.

This is totally up to the author, but if Dean asks who was the guy/girl Cas had a date with, maybe it was a blind date that he had been forced into by a co-worker, or something like that

Bonus points if there’s some emotional cuddling on Dean’s bed in the end, with Cas comforting him. (i’m such a fucking sap)



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minosegi szorakoztatas!

I own this movie.

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“Misha:: cas is more interested in helping dean than getting his grace back. Fans: awwww #sdcc #supernatural”

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i drew today

i finished two linearts and base colors for one picture

i am proud

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