Since y’all seem to think that I’m adorable or cute..

Here, have some pictures from a few years back, when I was still content with my life. In these pictures I am having fun and goofing around, and that’s who I really am. Not this … empty shell of a person. I wish I could go back to that time.

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    I wish to be this person again …
  2. baiku said: Yhyy I want you to be able to goof again ;__; I don’t just not. Not fair that you must be sad and depressed when you’re a great person.
  3. realgaran said: awww! cute and silly Lamppu!
  4. ultragemuese said: I think my heart is melting. OH GOD YOURE SO CUTE
  5. ameliette said: may I just ask what those penis-shaped… things in the first pic are?